Vigyázó chateau rehab.

parametric design with public spirit.

From a country house to an education center: utilization plans of Vigyázó mansion have been completed. With this rehabilitation, we designed a new function that could benefit the city and also the community, both locally and regionally.

Location: Abony, Hungary
Architects, creators: Endre Dér, Gábor Laczkó, Máté Reszegi, consultant – Balázs Markó
Year of planning: 2017
Floor plan area: 1730 m2

Remaining mansions of Hungary are basically located in the rural residential area of a city, surrounded by family houses with gardens, typically in a free-standing position. Our building in Abony, built by Antal Vigyázó in 1830 together with the nearby Vigyázó Castle, can be also found in a similar situation. The mansion has a one-storey floor plan, and a thirteen-division, well-columned facade with gabled portico in the middle. The second and penultimate axles have been transformed into doors, to which a staircase leads up. The windows are decorated with characteristic semicircular boltels, and there is also an attic above. The outbuilding on the right, which houses the library, is adorned with a two-column entrance, and the family chapel is located in the outbuilding on the left.

In our plans, we have given the mansion a completely new function: we have placed theoretical training rooms and representative functions of the future adult education center in the main building, and in the outbuildings, we have arranged the operation and practical training locations with the related rooms. We designed two more greenhouses for the area of the late castle park, with parametrical shapes that fit well with the monumental environment, balancing and tightening the spatial composition of the garden. To facilitate the symmetrical layout of the park, we used garden architectural elements, alternating paving surfaces and special planting media.