Valentina shop design.

the shoes of Valentina.

What defines a brand? How to create a new interior design concept? We were looking for answers to such questions while creating the design of the new flagship Valentina shop on the Váci road, Budapest.

Location: Budapest
Architects, creators: Dániel Decsi, András Zsuky
Year of planning: 2018
Living area: 80 m2

Valentina reached a new level: the quality shoe distributor chain decided to create its new, comprehensive interior design image! How to transform diversity to a uniform shop design? We think the point is to place the products into a conceptual, airy space, where lights and communication surfaces guide the customer’s eyes, leading them to find the best product for his or her personality.

The store’s portal had a repainting and waterproofing, got new ventilation grids, facade covering and sunshades, while we built new ceiling, floor cover, bulkheads and door openings inside. To finish the shop-front, we put great lighting graphics and a surrounding, luminous frieze to achieve a quality look, also enhanced by transparent glass shelves floating on metal wires. Inside, we extended the customer space with bright, fine contrasted surfaces and gentle lights. Finally, we combined the strict system of display shelves and gondolas with free-formed lighting elements. By this project, we lived through the experience of a brand renewal and enriched Váci road with a new design shop. In the future, the flagship store will be followed by new ones, developing Valentina to a well-known brand.