Condominium design!

Condominium conceptual planning and construction planning

Condominium design is an area where we use our sense of artistic composition and knowledge of BIM, while we meet tight deadlines. This is how we work with our partner design offices and clients, from conceptual plans to detailed drawings.

Creating quality housing is our mission: making condominium concept plans and construction plans are prior areas of our activity. In today’s environment, our work requires a wide range of software and practical knowledge, which we develop day by day to create demanding designs.

Transparency is the basis of our working method: we conduct advanced coordination through an online cloud service, where all designers have an insight into the current status of plans, and any department can ask questions to the other. Our smooth communication, systematic online and offline collaborations, and online protocols are the foundation for our conceptual and execution plans. We ourselves work in Archicad Teamwork with a BIM approach, providing design data for our colleagues in DWG and IFC formats. Quality assurance of our plans is done according to our common corporate protocol, so keeping and meeting deadlines is never a problem.

Creating concept plans is a beloved task of our team – this is the most creative stage of design, where we use various softwares to find the best building massing, orientation and floor plan layout. In our experience, the word of the architect prevails more in the case of smaller condominiums, while at larger ones the profit-oriented investor becomes more dominant. In both cases, it is exciting to create plans representing lasting value. Anyway, with the help of our photorealistic visualizations we have a convincing power for architectural juries, keeping the ability to move away from the usual minimal style.

Our concept design of six-apartment condominium on Budapest, Vérhalom Street also shows a deviation from the usual: behind the dynamic outline – made to a dominant cityscape area of the capital – we strived for functionality, cosiness and the careful design of garden connections. At the plans of Jablonka and Beléndek Streets, concept was decided by the better spatial structuring role of individual building masses and its marketing opportunities. Execution plans of 55-apartment and 15-apartment condominiums on Diószegi Sámuel and Tóth Kálmán Streets have to be looked at with a different eye. Here we were involved in the construction plan phase, so economy and full use of level area indicators were the main considerations, while smooth coordination and BIM teamwork-based planning came to the fore.

Whether it is a conceptual plan or an execution plan, our team is open to collaborate and to pursue new professional challenges. In effect, we are always happy to work with partner architectural firms to put our experience at the service of creating quality plans!

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