Paks residential park.

social life in Tolna style.

Our latest action area is Paks, and the goal is to plan fifty-six quality apartments, divided into four blocks. Two hundred meters from the Danube, between the city’s new main axis and the main road, at the mouth of Danube promenade – a real design challenge.

Location: Paks, Hungary
Architects, creators: Endre Dér, consultant – Anthony Gall
Year of planning: 2017
Floor plan area: 5100 m2

Let’s start from the basement! We placed a car storage level under the residential complex and its yard, that can accommodate 66 cars. The ground floor got some common areas: a gym, a café, a common room, shops and a bicycle storage room. To the upper floors, we designed studios, multi-room apartments, and a penthouse level with higher-quality and more spacious apartments. Large green terraces were oriented mainly to the south and equipped with shading pergolas everywhere, which, with their repetitive architecture, define the geometry of the building.

The gross floor area of the apartments varies between 30 and 125 square meters. A total of 56 flats were included in the blocks, which can be classified into 14 different types. The result is a quality housing estate – we would live here too!