private apartment, Csíksomlyó street.

five weeks, one home.

A modern home made of a regular flat – as soon as possible! We’ll show what our team can do if the customer is a helpful family.

Location: Budapest
Architects, creators: Zoltán Rózsa, Endre Dér
Year of planning: 2018
Floor plan area: 120 m2

When we first entered the door of the apartment to be transformed, we received an exciting mix: a large floor space but with a series of cut-out spaces, sparkling wall colors and eclectic furniture. Our vision was to create a home where the available area can breathe giving space to a comprehensive interior design concept. The new design is clean, minimalist with surfaces radiating peace and balance.

To achieve this, we looked for Scandinavian, Provencal and Mediterranean solutions, while we also joined the kitchen and the living room together. The unique kitchen furniture is the work of our team’s carpentry unit, framed by a unique plasterboard structure that includes the remaining support wall and the exhaust system. Thanks to the detailed planning, the construction went smooth, so the family could take up a renewed residence within five weeks. The realization of the visuals is our shared experience: the flat became a home!