flat design, Magyar utca

a multicolored home.

Next to our clean-lined plans, we have some designs which feature a wide variety of materials and structural solutions as a fresh highlight. While planning the apartment of Magyar utca, we decided to create a more relaxed atmosphere – let’s see what was baked out of it!

Location: Budapest
Architects, creators: András Zsuky
Year of planning: 2019
Floor plan area: 82 m2

Located in a downtown position, in a turn-of-the-century tenement house, the apartment had plenty of opportunities – the significant ceiling height and the bourgeois floor area formed a perfect basis for creating a percussive concept plan. Our guideline has become diversity: we have separated the different functions with different coverings and structural solutions, so that each room is characterized by its own atmosphere.

Thus, the kitchen has a natural basalt wall covering, the living room has large element wall and floor covers, while stretched textile graphics in most rooms give a unique atmosphere. This natural, personal touch is counterbalanced by the minimalist look of the bathroom, which is characterized by the design of the subway tiles and large glass panels, as well as the bar stools and cleanly shaped kitchen furniture in the common area. As a result, we created a delicate eclectic harmony, where every resident can find their own favourite place!