Duna House office design.

office for the community.

From a postmodern building to an ultramodern community office – the interior design concept of the new Duna House Ltd. department, which we placed inside an aging house in Buda. Let us present our most significant office design project to date.

Location: Budapest
Architects, creators: Endre Dér, András Zsuky
Year of planning: 2019
Floor plan area: 580 m2

Duna House decided to move into the office building in the 1st district, and entrusted our office to create the interior design concept. Our first step was to redesign the facade: we created a new shading structure matching the image colors, and added new information boards to the entrance. On the ground floor, we designed a spacious communal area with a reception desk formed of polygons and comfortable seats – from where you can immediately enter the meeting room having a street view, or the auditorium having skylights. Already on the ground floor, there is a curtain wall with hidden lighting depicting a city contour, which sometimes turns to the ceiling and then continues upstairs, giving a common atmosphere and an abstract urban milieu to the entire interior. Upstairs there is another communal space and meeting boxes, as well as a fresh courtyard full of plants.

During the planning, we also had to give answers to building structure problems. On the basement level, we detected a continuous infiltration of groundwater from the mountain – working with our co-designers, we made suggestions on the method of subsequent waterproofing. By the end of the project, a complex architectural-interior design concept has been created: Duna House could continue its successful work in an office satisfying all their needs.