Burning Man installation.

bloom in America.

Burning Man has been one of the defining festivals in West America since 1986. Installations of the annual event in Desert Nevada are selected through a multi-round art design competition – and our submitted design has been selected among the first round.

Location: Nevada, USA
Architects, creators: Endre Dér, Richárd Elmann, Dániel Decsi
Year of planning: 2019
Floor plan area: 60 m2

We like to participate in architectural competitions, even if they are domestic or international design tenders. Nor could we say no to Burning Man’s 2019 call: at one of the world’s most exciting festivals, we grabbed the opportunity to create a truly percussive installation.

Our plan has a definite architectural concept: we designed a huge, kinetic metal frame, revealing in its final position by the strength – or weight – of the community. The stem and leaves are light metal wireframes connected by stretched canvas. The entire structure is moved by a single cable, which opens the shield of nearly 9 meters in diameter by transmitting the weight of the visitors.

The Bloom is a refreshing place and an icon at the same time. Its form symbolizes the power of community: when empty, the flower closes, but when full of people, it opens and revives. Functioning as a shader, it protects relaxing festival-goers from UV radiation, and transmits a clear message far away.