open-view apiary, Cegléd

the healing power of honey.

Open-view apiary at the gates of Hungary’s Great Plain – a diversified local manufactory design is ready to build. In our plans, we show how clearings and forests around Cegléd provide the perfect location for the development of local tourism.

Location: Cegléd, Hungary
Architects, creators: Endre Dér, consultant – Anthony Gall
Year of planning: 2018
Floor plan area: 1600 m2

The area of Cegléd Spa and Thermal Bath is currently the number one development area of the city. There are already plenty of program opportunities for those who want to relax and recover, but the local government would like to expand the area with lots of attractions in the future. The planned beekeeping center would provide a mutual clientele to the spa both in terms of local and medical tourism.

Our design is based on traditional and modern structural solutions, made of local materials. Our goal was to create a diversified local manufactory that includes a sample store, a family-scale apiary, communal spaces, guest and medical rooms. While the retail space is representatively “sticks out” from the trees and turns to the main approach direction, catering and medical functions are given an intimate, parklike atmosphere. The panoramic community room is multifunctional: it can accommodate beekeepers’ meetings and events, as well as professional trainings. However the guesthouse is separated from the main mass, continuity of buildings is ensured by the porch and the terrace between them. At the choice of materials, we kept durability, recyclability and the renewable nature of the building materials in mind, thus creating a sustainable development concept.