Bike to work!

We always support sports initiatives, so “Bike to work!” campaign password has become a popular slogan at us. Now we introduce our corporate bike fleet, favorite morning hurry and comfortable rolling-home routes!

As a result of the continuous Hungarian cycling tourism developments and the epidemic situation in 2020, more and more people are now choosing the bicycle as their main mode of transport. The roots, of course, go back much earlier, the bike dates back to the 19th century. Since its invention, the genre has undergone tremendous development. It was already a real fashion during the Bauhaus era, for example Marcell Breuer was also inspired by the functional forms of the refined tubular frame when designing the Vasily chair and the lesser-known Wheelchair.

Even if we are not professional users, we try to follow an environmentally conscious, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, whenever we can, we arrive at our office by bike, where a street bike storage room, shower and changing room await the oncoming rider. András comes from Zugló with a pleasant winding along the Szilas stream, Endre from the VIII. district on the cycle paths of the Danube bank, while Dani rolls from Óbuda, crossing one of the Danube bridges. The afternoon journey home is a bit slower, in which case you can hit Margisziget or the Romai-part with a little detour, so we can all have a distance of at least ten, but sometimes even twenty kilometers a day. In addition to the daily commute, we sometimes hike together on the bike paths of the Danube Bend or Lake Velence, which are also good team-building opportunities for the new designer colleagues joining.

About our fleet: András drives a muscular black montain-bike, Endre owns a retro, blue urban Favorit, and Dani has a silver Kirsch also made around the 70s. Riding is a great experience on such machines – come and ride with us!