point cloud based modeling.

point cloud based modeling.

Point cloud based building model made of a complicated data set – we create 3D BIM models based on surveys of the latest laser scanners and drones. In our office, we digitize reality, laying the groundwork for a good many of large-scale architectural projects.

Architects, creators: Balázs Beóka, Dániel Decsi, Endre Dér
Year of planning: 2021
Floor plan area: 6000 m2

Three-dimensional laser scanning and photogrammetric surveys have undergone tremendous development in recent years. The combination of a drone and a 3D scanner revolutionizes engineering in many areas. Buildings that could not be surveyed by traditional methods can be documented with a point cloud survey in a day or two. But how does it all work?

LiDAR technology, like hand-held distance meters, calculates distance from the reflection and traveled distance of the emitted laser beam. The difference is that here the instrument can emit up to two million laser beams per second and record the distance of the reflecting surfaces. The device itself can be static or mobile, and its work can be supplemented with a drone survey. With this method, the surveyed area can be mapped virtually with centimeter or even millimeter accuracy: the result is a three-dimensional point cloud.

A laser scanner survey creates files with huge computational demands. We prepared the performance of our computers for it, so fortunately computing capacity should not be an obstacle. Neither are complex forms: we are experienced modelers with a wide range of software knowledge, and we are always happy to sharpen our knowledge by modeling exciting shapes. Based on a point cloud, we create a three-dimensional BIM building model made in teamwork, from which floor plans and sections can be generated, and in which any measurement can be made.

Our point cloud-based building models can be used for various purposes for example, to plan the renovation of monument buildings, where nobody should touch the edifice with a single finger during the pre-construction survey. Point cloud based survey can also be a great advantage in case of for structures in poor condition. Our three-dimensional, walk-through building models can serve as a basis for accurate quotations, architectural and interior design plans, but they are also suitable for verifying implementation. Moreover, to create 3D visualizations, we can build the most realistic environment at any LOD level. Our architect team is always open to innovative, up-to-date solutions – this is why we do well in point cloud-based modeling in domestic and international projects.

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