Kemenes Confectionery, Biatorbágy.

Kemenes, Biatorbágy cookies in a premium environment.

Kemenes Confectionery’s divine cookies deserve a demanding interior design environment. However, the result of our project, made of quality ingredients exceeded all expectations.

Location: Biatorbágy, Hungary
Architects, creators: András Zsuky, Zoltán Rózsa, A1 Építésziroda
Year of planning: 2015
Floor plan area: 300 m2

Kemenes Confectionery is a place where perfection is the minimum required, even if it is about cookies, serving or business design, there is no exception. An exciting task awaited us: we could transform an aging warehouse building into a confectionery using the latest retail design ideas, and could also create a separate bakery shop on the street front. Our new concept included a brand new screened terrace, a two-story suspended ceiling, and large glass surfaces.

Inside, we created a whole new world: home-like furniture, compact refrigerators, rustic lacquered brick wall and the chandelier composition made of cups are the result of a multi-circle choice of materials and the involvement of owner Barta Edith. Within the design of the store, Graphasel Design Studio was responsible for the graphic work. The spacious patisserie was soon included in the crosshairs of gastrobloggers, TV crews, and of course hungry families – and feedbacks were quite positive. As a result, we see that the unique store design we created faithfully reflects Kemenes Confectionery’s accurate attitude and contributes greatly to the brand’s success.