Office design.

Office design in the spirit of community.

Focus on the experience, agility and playfulness – some of the latest office design principles we consider important. Here are our concepts making space for quality collaboration where colleagues can get the most out of themselves!

New generations of employees have brought fresh perspectives to office design: the coveted office environment has now become an exciting yet homely community space where emotional and digital well-being are equally important. According to the latest attitude, the goal is no longer to create strict workstations, but rather to make the office an inspiring, flexible place of cooperation – primarily to build personal contacts and working together. We shaped our innovative ideas through various office design projects: we created complete corporate images, elsewhere improved the employee experience, and also planned a lot of purposeful, functional office designs. Here are some examples of our favorites!

MADEUZ office design belongs to a civil engineer startup company, so there could be no shortage of exciting solutions – lattice girders and bright colors dominate everywhere. Orange Cube project is also exciting, the interior design firm got great white ribbons with orange hidden lighting, embracing the whole space.

TÜV Rheinland office design posed another challenge: here we kept in mind the global design requirements of the worldwide company and aesthetic preferences of domestic representation at the same time. Our plans eventually took form in custom graphics and string art installations.

One of our main projects is the conversion of a patinated building at Blaha Lujza square, where our team is designing a multi-storey office and entertainment complex. In this downtown position, we primarily strive to create an easy-to-shape, functionalist office design so that prospective tenants can later form the resulting spaces to their own needs. We pay special attention to the common areas: our plans also include a spacious kitchen, a relax corner and personal working cabins.

SMART office is our largest-scale office design project to date. Our concept was built specifically around public spaces: in this difficult postmodern building, we increased well-being of our employees by integrating unique seating furniture, meeting boxes and an interior garden full of plants. In this way, natural light also reaches offices that, due to their architectural features, could have received only artificial lighting.

Common points of our office design plans are that we carry out workplace research, brand strategy exploration everywhere, and we also map employee paths. In the spirit of a sustainable approach, we optimize energy use in many places by designing smart systems. In our plans, we ultimately strive to make the triad of homeliness, diversity and community experience as effective as possible!