Brightone on!

Our most recent entry was Honorable Mention at the creative idea contest. Are there really no competition designs that were made during daytime?

We consider the making of tender works to be one of our priority tasks: here, our creativity can be unleashed and we can get such a wide horizon and different points of view that we would hardly encounter in the squirrel wheel of our daily routine. Most recently, Endre discovered the call for the Hyde Park Music Pavilion on would we design a music house in London?

Of course yes, and what is more, Budapest’s new Liget Project also gave a real-world parallel to the topic. Brainstormings and virtual site tours have started – by the end, we already knew the British park better than the back of our hand. Mass models and various design variations were made to determine the position occupied within the park, and to create our team’s concept. With that, of course, our time went well and the finish was quite tough despite all our preliminary schedules, which manifested itself in a two-night designer adventure. Anyway, we were even more excited about the end result, and the official briefing came with good news! The Honorable Mention qualification raised us to the top 8 of the 94 applicants, and our plan was published on several architectural portals, as well as on the Hungarian Architects’ Forum. We are already looking for the next challenge!

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